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Block 20...

 An all-around fitness facility with all types of high-end equipments and professional staff, know more about how Block 20 offer more than a GYM, from fitness activities, bodybuilding, CrossFit, boot camp and yoga studios and much more.


Choose from our wide range of services

Cycling Studio

Ride your cycle along with your group and sweat through a workout with the beat that will turn you ON !!!

Body Building

give your body that extra pump, you will defiantly feel your muscles through some heavy weight lifting.


Cross Fit

We dare you to complete WOD in our Crossfit arena, using battle rope, kettlebells, medicine balls, pushing sled and spin machines, improving you core is a must.

Yoga Studio

Practice your mind and body threw our group yoga classes, make a better postures, breathing and body stabilising will help your body and mind in meditation and relaxation and you body physically.

BootCamp Studio

Tone your muscles and lose body fat through intense interval workouts combined with running and free weights along with some tools and equipments, flood the floor with your sweat

pricing package

Be one of Block 20 Family

Daily Pass

one day pass ticket for Hustlers

AED 70 / Day
  • Full Access
  • Full Equipment
  • Free Wifi
  • All Group Classes
  • Free Parking
  • Shower Facilities

Basic Package

Membership that suits everyone

AED 400 / Month
  • Full Access
  • Full Equipment
  • Free Wifi
  • Group Classes
  • Free Parking
  • Shower Facilities
  •  3 Months  - 1050  AED

    12.5% OFF

  •  6 Months  - 1800  AED

    25% OFF

  • 12 Months  - 3000 AED

    37.5% OFF

Premium Package

Premium, Everything curated for your Custom Needs

AED 700 / Month
  • Full Access
  • Full Equipment
  • Free Wifi
  • All Group Classes

    All Group Classes included ... Yoga, Cycle, BootCamp, Crossfit, Fitness

  • Free Parking
  • Shower Facilities
  •  3 Months - 1950   AED

    150 AED OFF

  •  6 Months - 3600  AED

    600 AED OFF

  • 12 Months - 6600 AED

    1800 AED OFF

Why block 20 ?

We care about you, More than you do !!!

Separate Ladies Section

Block 20 cares about her too, you have the choice to enter the open mixed gym, or to play at the private ladies section, which insure a full privacy for you.

Flexible Time

We are always ready to hear from you, and happy to see you، for that we offer a variety of group classes with flexible timing during all working hours.

Personal Trainer

Our well trained and professional coach will guide you through your journey and help you achieve your fitness goals.

New Equipment

We have state of the art equipment for cycling, boxing and gymnasium which give you multiple options to choose from on your daily training.

our 6 key pillar

Give the best out of you, FOR YOU !​

Core Training

Strengthen your core with a combined workout of running and free weights lifting to give opportunity to the rest of your body to grow correctly.


We teach you the right way to workout, wrong posture can cause a disasters during working out, good posture position always means correct movements.


Building a fitness regimen for your body is strength in itself, strenghten you body will make your life easier, stairs, pushing and pulling will be your favorite moves.


Disciplined mind can easily have a healthy body with stamina, workout everyday and we ensure that you will be addicted to it.

Healthy Diet

We feed your mind and body towards health, you are what you eat, never believe that you can have a healthy lifestyle without a healthy diet.


Your daily habits have the power to change your life, step by step you can be at the top, never quit and stay focused till the end.

About Us

We have a holistic approach to the body and mind.

 An all-round fitness facility that provides all types of fitness, bodybuilding, CrossFit, spin, boot camp and yoga studios as well as a private ladies area with complete privacy. A healthy restaurant and a barber, an open outdoor area for training.


Our Trainers


Fitness Coach


Head Coach


BodyBuilding Coach


Fitness Coach


Fitness Coach

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